Crafting Inclusion: Our Journey of Empowerment

In 2013, right in the vibrant heart of New Delhi, Atulyakala embarked on a transformative journey. In a bustling tapestry of 16 million souls, we stumbled upon Amit, a deaf artist whose passion for Delhi's art history found expression on metro and bus rides. Amit's frustration at the dearth of opportunities for his community became the catalyst for a serendipitous encounter with our founder, Smriti, who was fluent in Indian Sign Language.

With a profound connection to the deaf community dating back to the age of 16, Smriti took the helm and launched Atulyakala at the tender age of 23. Her driving vision was simple yet powerful: inclusivity and opportunity. Over the years, we've evolved into India's pioneering deaf-run lifestyle brand, with an astonishing 90% of our team communicating through Sign Language.

From the realms of design to the intricacies of sales, we're not just flipping the script; we're rewriting the narrative. At Atulyakala, we stand as advocates for inclusivity, champions of equality, and we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in the joyous journey of spreading happiness and changing lives, one vibrant creation at a time. Welcome to our story.