There are 18 million deaf in India and only 0.1% of them get access to education in sign language. Being the country with the largest deaf population in the word, there is much that needs to be done for our deaf brethren. Atulyakala is a small step which was taken a few years ago to  bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf communities. We strived to empower deaf through design and today, Atulyakala is known as India's first lifestyle brand run by deaf artists. Now, we need you to join the movement. The power of a movement depends on the people who fuel it. Let's join hands and become #Humansofsign to spread awareness about Indian Sign Language and deaf culture all across the world.


Let's Be The Voice

You can play an integral role in growing this movement and redefining the social inequity in our country. Here is how you can get involved:

-Social Media Management: We love to connect with our customers and we would love to have a vivacious person contributing to all our social media channels i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube etc.

-Content Writing: If you love writing then content writing would be a good fit for you. You will be developing content for our blog posts, newsletters, press release etc.

-Sketching/Painting: Do you draw, sketch or paint? If yes, then you could contribute to our mission by making unique designs for our products alongside our deaf artists while making your art visible to the world!

-Graphic Design: We need you if you are into Photoshop or Illustration. You will be assisting the social media and production team in their design needs.

-Event Management: Atulyakala conducts awesome workshops, awareness campaigns and performances! We need super energetic people and social people for our events.

-Business Development: We need pragmatic volunteers who will help us grow the business and reach as many retailers as possible.

-Product Design: Atulyakala has an ever expanding product line and we need volunteers who are interested in bags, shoes, apparel or stationery design.

-Photography: If you love being behind the camera and have a knack for clicking amazing product and model shots, then you are the one for us!

-Others: Did we miss out something? Let us know if your area of interest. 

What will you get from volunteering with us?

- Mentorship: Work with our founder, Smriti Nagpal, a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee, and our dedicated design and management teams to broaden your skill set through our monthly live tutorials on topics ranging from fair-trade to guerilla marketing.

- Free Indian Sign Language Training: Volunteering will be a legit excuse to learn a new language through our fortnightly webinars. You will be able to connect with 18 million deaf Indians!

- Knowledge about Social Entrepreneurship: Being a volunteer at Atulyakala provides you the unique experience of working at a social entrepreneurship.

-Volunteer of the Year Award: We appreciate the efforts and hardwork of our volunteers and to acknowledge it we conduct yearly award ceremonies in which we honour the best and brightest of the lot!

-Free Goodies: We know how much our young volunteers love quirky, colourful products and we won't keep you lusting for long. Expect Atulyakala goodies falling into your lap whenever you present proof of your awesomeness through your work.

-PartiesThose who work hard need to party hard too. Our quarterly town hall meetings held at the coolest deaf-run cafes have the ability of morphing into the wildest parties!

-Lots of Love & Friendship- The volunteer programme will leave you with tonnes of fond memories and a bunch of good friends. Also, be prepared to be swarmed by the affection of deaf students from Atulyakala's training center if you end up teaching them.

-Certificates: And the good old certificates.


How to apply?

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