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When CoHo and Atulyakala met

And so on a Sunday otherwise letting your comfort zones take the better of you, where you would find yourself at the mercy of your demanding routine the next day and still finding ways to channel your energy into something new, Atulyakala brought to the doors of a hostel cum residential setting, another one of its workshops rested solely for the purpose of giving Sign Language its due importance . At the start it was evident from the curious faces of people who had all assembled under one roof to learn something previously unheard of.

The air breathed of palpable excitement which became instrumental in putting things firmly in place Accompanied by a string of activities, the workshop started with the basics of English alphabets and continued with its rhetoric in everyday usage. Furthermore, we stressed the very emphasis on the language where communication through signs was seen to be an effective and the only tool for the deaf to reach out to the outside world and majorly amongst themselves. This was followed by a musical performance and a one-act play, wherein the audience was witness to the walls surrounding a deaf person’s world and his efforts to break the walls and confidently stepping into the real world.

The journey depicted in the act was so moving and the highlight came to be seen in the language barriers he tries to grapple with and accepting the fact that its okay to be different yet one should learn to accept his/her disability with a confident smile that depicts his/her true spirit. Altogether, it attached profuse insight into the lives of people we all take for granted. Next we had a movie act concluded in the end by a collective photo session, celebrating the success of the workshop with hope painted on every face for more such interactive and more fruitful collaborations in future.