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Heart Project 2020

The Heart Project, helmed by Atulyakala which has been earmarked as India's first and only deaf lifestyle brand, made its fifth appearance recently on 15th February at The National Crafts Museum, New Delhi.

From how it was orchestrated to the final countdown, it became evident that so much labor and love had gone into its making. But a glance at the idea behind The Heart Project deserves greater mention. This Project was engineered with the aim of bringing people with disabilities and the mainstream society under one roof, by creating a friendly and supportive environment to channelize their potential into something creative.

Through this paved the way for inclusion in its most diverse aspect, it simultaneously gave birth to the 'The Art of The Deaf', whereby the deaf use art to express their emotions. Atulyakala's founder, Smriti Nagpal has been instrumental in taking this project by leaps and bounds every year and this year was no different. Playing host to the event, the venue (National Crafts Museum), wore a delightful look since the early hours of the morning. While the finishing touches were being done with, people from far and wide, of all ages started trickling in one by one.

The diversity and unity were fast gathering speed till almost everyone had their share of handshakes in sign language. Quite a dozen interesting activities were in line for the day and the visitors were all eager to immerse themselves in fun and frolic. It started with a painting workshop, where people were divided into teams to bring out their inner colors out in the form of creative modes of art. Everyone was seen to have participated wholeheartedly and their final outcome soon won praises. This was followed by a DYI workshop in which the participants had to bring their own unused bags and paint them to their heart's content.

In the meantime, The customary sign language class soon took everyone's attention. The volunteers took turns in making people talk through their hands so smoothly that only excited hands and hearts could be found. The next event in line was the one-act play by the women dramatists of Jesus and Mary College, who gave a powerful performance packed with energy and excitement.

Imagine the deaf and hearing-impaired enjoying with rapt attention through the translation into sign language. AS more and more people flocked in, the more good vibes were passed from one person to another. A type of street drama called Nukkad Natak performed by students of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce also marked another highlight of the day.

As the event progressed towards the evening, a song session erupted the air and everyone was seen gleefully grooving to the melody and the signs that came rushing. Last but not the least, was the photo session where everyone was sporting their cameras for capturing wonderful memories to be imprinted in their hearts forever.

Surely, the event was an eye-opener for many including those with disabilities who saw to their potential more positively. And with all this, the Heart Project established itself as one of the most happening events till date.