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Training center for deaf :)

As a part of the deaf and mute community, by now, we are aware of what Atulyakala is all about. Keeping aside the jargon, Atulyakala is a socially responsible lifestyle brand endeavoring to empower deaf artists across India. We are happy to share that we have established a training center above the Atulyakala Studio for deaf students to equip them with some essential and life-relevant education. We also enhance their Indian Sign Language vocabulary and fluency .It was really depressing to see how the deaf and mute were deprived of equal access to quality education because of the communication barrier, therefore, we are focusing on English, Mathematics, Geography so that they can become self-reliant and navigate through the tides that come along each day.

The teaching is not just limited to academics, we also provide skill-training of photography and photoshop as we have observed that most of our students have an artistic flair and an eye for detail. Perhaps, art is the medium through which they communicate the best. Having an interactive classroom is central to our ideology and hence we make sure that students get energizers at regular intervals. The whole idea behind having a training center is to bring the deaf community out the nutshell that has been created around them because of the taboos and limited opportunities made available to them. To facilitate such a change in the personality of each student, we have brought in theatre and mime artists to coach students. And unsurprisingly, the students enjoy Mime workshops the most!

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After every session, we give a “student of the day” award which revs up the students and motivates them further. It is amazing to watch the students flutter their beautiful wings and prepare themselves for their flight into this world of our. Their actions speak more than their words would ever do, because we are deaf not dumb!

We would like to say thank you to all the people who contributed to our deaf and awesome campaign. It was because of your support that we were able to set up this training center.