Plugging the gap between the Deaf & Hearing community July 11 2014, 0 Comments

India has the largest Deaf population in the world. It has been estimated that there are several million hearing impaired in India. Perhaps “one of every five people who are deaf in the world, live in India” making it the country with the largest number of Deaf, and perhaps also the largest number of Sign language users.

In India, there are NGOs and organisations that are striving hard to make amendments in the policies, impart education, provide skill development & employment to the differently-abled. But that’s not enough. Due to the lack of opportunities & awareness, creative professionals from the Deaf community suffer stagnation & helplessness to grow in their respective fields. Since there is dearth of opportunities there are barriers Deaf artists face in finding platforms to express themselves & interact with the mainstream creative community.  

The challenge before us was to plug that gap & find a common platform to bring creative professionals from both the communities to create together. The challenge of creating social value and economic value simultaneously. Starting as a simple act & response to the need of effective communication & interaction we started building on a system of collaboration. Building a platform which encourages Deaf artists to express, create & learn together with the mainstream creative community. 

We believe in this process & its product, its latent potentiality to not only provide style & comfort but serve as a vehicle for social change.We strive to change the way people look at Disability in India, empowering by reaching out with love & passion.